• Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder
Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder

Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder

Stand out Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder profile,It is application for all types of foods products like Biscuit, Fruit beverage and ect. Flavoring sample free of charge

Characteristic: Powder Seasonings
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container

Food Ingredient Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder

Product details

BrandFlavour so good
Model typeFSG
Name-- Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder
Execution standardsGB 2760、GB 30616 National standards for food safety
FormDark yellow or Brown yellow powder
Aroma description--Aroma of Pickled Vegetable  
Use and dosage

Liquid beverage 0.03-0.10%

Solid drink, confectionery 0.2-0.5%

Use methodAdd to the product and mix it evenly
PackingPE can for food, 1/2/5/20kg, Carton
Storage methodAvoid light, place in a cool, ventilated dry place
Shelf life24 months



(1) About Price

Most of flavour price are around $15-$25 per kg, moq is 5kg/typ.

(2) About Aroma

For most of taste we have various models, amora will be different. 

Usually use the sample to determine which taste model you want.

(3) About Sample

Samples are free, need sample please contact, customer bears the DHL shipping fee.

(4) About shipping

Less than 70kg usually ship by DHL, the shipping fee maybe be expensive, depend on the destination.

More than 70kg usually ship by sea, shipping fee is about $300 to all country. Shipping time about 2 months.

If ship the good to your cargo agent in China, free of charge.

(5) About Discount

Flavour and fragrance moq is 5kg/type, totally order over 100kg get 20% discount.

Inner packing

2540932385_655159516 (1).jpg

Outer packing

2539921569_655159516 (1).jpg

Production workshop

Production workshop

Our manufacture have ISO HACCP HALAL certificate and standard GMP workshop in 20 year expericence. 


Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder Application

Pickled Vegetable is a very common home-cooked dish on everyone's table. different local practices and tastes are different. kimchi is usually a very popular delicacy, and the method of making kimchi in peacetime is also very simple. Their own kimchi not only does not have any additives, but also can pickle some of their favorite kimchi, in fact, their own pickle method is also very simple, can be made with Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder 

Pickled Vegetable is a method of cooking and preserving food that was already quite common in ancient China. it refers to the use of sugar, salt, vinegar, or other condiments to preserve foods such as meat or vegetables in order to extend their shelf life. After soaking for a period of time, these foods will have a different flavoring from the original food. A short period of "pickling" is called "pickling". Generally, seasoning is added before cooking, and then wait for a period of time to cook, so that the flavoring of the seasoning can penetrate into the food more, and has the function of improving the taste of the food. In East Asia, vinegar is also used to marinate food, such as Korean kimchi. In the West, there are also applications. Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder,Food Ingredient in bulk Malaysia,Oil soluble flavour

The birth of marinade will change our eating habits. all we have to do is choose the flavoring marinade we like, then marinate the meat and vegetables we want to make, and then cook it in the form of roasting, frying, stewing, etc., and we can use it when it is ripe. The pickled products are suitable for frying, barbecue, string burning, frying, stew and other processing methods. 

Wholesale Pickled Vegetable Seasoning Powder

With the rise of foreign fast food, Orleans roast chicken feed is popular in China, also known as New Orleans roast chicken wing marinade, has been widely used in roast chicken shops. On the market, roast chicken pickled material, roast chicken neck pickled material, fried chicken steak pickled material, Roast Lamb Leg pickled material, roast mutton kebabs pickled material, roast lamb chops pickled material, roast duck pickled material, roasted fish pickled material and so on have been born in order to adapt to the market. With the development of all kinds of barbecue in the market.


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