• New Zealand Milk flavour
New Zealand Milk flavour

New Zealand Milk flavour

With a sweet and fragrant rich New Zealand Mink flavouring profile,It is application for all sorts of foods solutions including Cookies, Salad and ect. Flavoring sample free

Characteristic: Liquid form Water soluble, Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616

Food Ingredient New Zealand Milk flavour

Product details

BrandFlavour so good
Model typeFSG
Name-- New Zealand Milk flavour
Execution standardsGB 2760、GB 30616 National standards for food safety
FormColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Aroma description--Aroma of New Zealand Mink
Use and dosage

Liquid beverage 0.03-0.10%

Solid drink, confectionery 0.2-0.5%

Use methodAdd to the product and mix it evenly
PackingPE can for food, 1/2/5/20kg, Carton
Storage methodAvoid light, place in a cool, ventilated dry place
Shelf life24 months



(1) About Price

Most of flavour price are around $15-$25 per kg, moq is 5kg/typ.

(2) About Aroma

For most of taste we have various models, amora will be different. 

Usually use the sample to determine which taste model you want.

(3) About Sample

Samples are free, need sample please contact, customer bears the DHL shipping fee.

(4) About shipping

Less than 70kg usually ship by DHL, the shipping fee maybe be expensive, depend on the destination.

More than 70kg usually ship by sea, shipping fee is about $300 to all country. Shipping time about 2 months.

If ship the good to your cargo agent in China, free of charge.

(5) About Discount

Flavour and fragrance moq is 5kg/type, totally order over 100kg get 20% discount.

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Inner packing

2540932385_655159516 (1).jpg

Outer packing

2539921569_655159516 (1).jpg

Production workshop

Production workshop

Our manufacture have ISO HACCP HALAL certificate and standard GMP workshop in 20 year expericence. 


What is New Zealand Milk flavouring

New Zealand milk is kept naturally, the milk source is good, the milk yield is also high, and there is no pollution. therefore, New Zealand milk should be more nutritious and drinkable milk, and the protein content and fat content of New Zealand milk are relatively high.

So consumers like New Zealand milk flavouring. New Zealand Milk flavouring This flavouring is Liquid Flavourings, Water soluble Flavoring and oil soluble. We are flavor supplier in China, products sell to many country, such as Southeast Asia and Middle East. Flavor Supplier Myanmar flavouring wholesale contact us.

Application of New Zealand Milk flavouring

Due to the rapid development of ice cream in recent years, flavors and spices have been widely used in ice cream. Ice cream manufacturers are increasingly demanding flavors that determine the taste of their products. In order to make the products more competitive in the market, in addition to the choice of good flavor, essence matching has become the key to the development of new cold drink products.

New Zealand milk, with fragrant milk aroma, milk fat taste thick, the overall aroma is very good. Flavor Supplier Myanmar

Suitable for: buccal tablets, dairy products, ice cream, biscuits, baked goods and so on. Milk flavor is an important type of food flavor. as an important food additive, milk flavor has been widely used in dairy products, cold drinks, baking, candy, granules, biscuit Flavoring and many other fields.food Ingredient Biscuit Flavoring

With the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more leisure food quickly enter the daily life of the people. Among them, quite a lot of food needs to go through a certain production process and be made at a higher temperature. the food flavor used in the process is affected by high temperature and has a certain degree of aroma loss.

Finally, the aroma quality of the product will not meet the requirements, which promotes the use and development of temperature-resistant edible flavor. This product is water-soluble and oil-soluble, and the oil-soluble essence is resistant to high temperature.


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