• King milk flavouring
King milk flavouring

King milk flavouring

Rich and thick aroma King milk flavouring profile,applied in all varieties of food solutions including Salad, Baking and ect. Flavouring sample cost-free

Characteristic: Liquid form Water soluble, Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


What is King milk flavouring

King milk flavouring are food flavor improvers, milk oily flavor used in dairy drinks, baked goods and other dairy products. Dosage: 1 - 2%, use directly or dissolve with proper amount of water. Milk flavor powder is a series of flavor improvers used in dairy products (beverages and other milk-containing foods), which are purified by enzymatic hydrolysis of milk and sucrose fatty acid ester is embedded in dextrin and spray dried.

The utility model has the characteristics of improving the stability and flavor quality of dairy products, covering up other odors, cooperating and kneading other flavors, improving the grade of the product, so that the smell of the food and the natural milk flavor are maintained when eaten. This is an artificial combination of edible flavors can not be achieved. The raw materials of this product come from natural animal and plant resources, and the edible safety is high.

Introduction of King milk flavouring components.

The composition of milk is very complex, containing at least hundreds of chemical components, including water, fat, protein, lactose, salts, vitamins, enzymes, gases and so on. The aroma components of milk mainly come from a series of fatty acids produced by fat hydrolysis and their heated lactones, ketones and other compounds. Among them, the acids are butyric acid, hexanoic acid, octanoic acid, decanoic acid, dodecanoic acid, tetradecanoic acid, etc., the lactones are butyl decanolide, butyl dodecyl lactone, etc., the ketones are butanedione and methyl ketone, and the alcohols are hexanol, octanol, decanol, etc. Aldehydes are octanal, decanal, heptenal and so on. These aroma components make up the aroma of milk in a certain proportion.

King milk flavouring Product application.

This essence is oil-soluble essence, suitable for the following products:

Baking, addition, Snack Fragrance : 0.1% 0.3%.

Such as: cake, dim sum, cake, bread, potato chips, puffs, egg tarts and so on.

Confectionery, addition: 0.1% ≤ 0.3%.

Such as: fudge, hard candy, chocolate, marshmallows, sandwich sugar, maltose, gum and so on.

Fried goods, addition: 0.2% 0.4%.

Such as: nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, cashew nuts, melon seeds and so on.

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