• Fragrant milk flavouring
Fragrant milk flavouring

Fragrant milk flavouring

Pure and mellow sweet Fragrant milk flavouring profile,It is application for all varieties of foods items including Cold dish, Juice and ect. Flavouring sample free of charge

Characteristic: Liquid form Water soluble, Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


Why we need Fragrant milk flavouring?

Consumers pursue the health, nutrition and hygiene of food, but also attach importance to fashion taste, not satisfied with the past tradition, the market needs more new flavors to meet people's increasingly picky taste. Although the proportion of milk flavouring in food ingredients is very small, it plays an important role in food flavor. Water soluble Fragrance milk flavouring can give fragrance to food raw materials, milk flavouring can correct the bad smell in food, but also can supplement the deficiency of the original aroma in food. The aroma inherent in stable and supplementary foods. These functions of flavors greatly affect the sale of food, if the right flavor is added to the food, the taste will have an unexpected improvement. 

Fragrant milk flavouring Application

Fragrant milk flavouring is one of the most widely used flavors in the food industry, mainly used in cold food, candy, drinks and other Beverages Fragrance flavor. Milk flavor can also be used in feed flavoring. it can significantly improve the palatability of feed and improve animal feeding. it has a good prospect of popularization and application in feed industry. Milk aroma is mainly composed of low fatty acids, carbonyl compounds and a very small amount of volatile components. Medium and short chain fatty acids contribute directly to milk aroma and are the direct factors of milk aroma. We are food factory flavoring Vendor Philippines flavouring wholesale contact us.