• Gracious Tuberose Type undiluted perfume oils
Gracious Tuberose Type undiluted perfume oils

Gracious Tuberose Type undiluted perfume oils

Fragrance: floral notes.
Top tone: peach violet leaves.
Middle tune: orange Flower Evening Jade Rose.
Back tune: Laudanzhi Cedar.
Attribute: female incense.
Label: White flower late fragrant jade aquatic water sensitive rose animal

Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616
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About Gracious Tuberose Type undiluted perfume oils

The top tone is also some green flowers, violet leaves + orange flowers, late jade at this time has begun to emerge, but only showed a green part. 

In the middle, the perfume becomes slightly sweeter, peaches and laudanzhi appear, peaches bring sweetness, and laudanzhi helps in texture-making it less frivolous, a little heavier, and softer. Fragrance wholesale Ibadan Perfume Oils,Ibadan Perfume Oils Manufacturers

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The green feeling of late fragrant jade is not particularly prominent, milk flavor may be more obvious, but because of the existence of peaches, people always have to react to think of late fragrant jade, is dipped in the light of peaches, is a first sight of beauty. 

After the peach is the absolute protagonist, very pleasant sweet peach fragrance. 

To get closer to a closer smell, you can feel the late jade still breathing strong fragrance, as well as delicate sandalwood-like laudan fat. 

A breath, late jade and violet leaves are particularly strong, as well as orange flowers, in the closest layer of skin exudes a faint cool air, very fresh. 

Because the protagonist also has a peach, so it is actually an atypical white flower. 

With a deep preference for peaches, in the perfume with the theme of late fragrant jade, Gucci this late fragrant jade is very good, sweet and gentle, there is no white flower that boring strength, there is no jasmine and lily out of trouble, acceptance is very high. 

The diffusivity is normal, and the fragrance is not bad. perfume essential oils wholesale.