• Code For Women Type undiluted perfume Oils
Code For Women Type undiluted perfume Oils

Code For Women Type undiluted perfume Oils

Fragrance: Oriental Flower tune.
Top tone: orange blossom.
Middle tune: jasmine lilac cyclamen.
Aftertone: Wood musk.
Attribute: female incense.
Label: White flowers, musk, wood, freshness, freshness Fragrance Oils

Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


Code For Women Type undiluted perfume Oils

Katsina Fragrance Oils

In 1982, Armani's first female perfume, called Armani, was filled with floral perfumes in lovely octagonal bottles. 

Ten years later, he further introduced Gio, a fruity floral fragrance that won the Academy Award for Perfume-Feifei Award (FiFi Award) in 1994 as the crown of women's perfumes Katsina perfume Oils Suppliers, Katsina Fragrance Oils

The perfume bottle was inspired by Armani's classic wide-shouldered men's look. 

The simplicity of the bottle just reflects Armani's design philosophy-"less is more". 

(Acqua Di Gio) is specially designed to express the feeling of Mediterranean summer. it has the smell of "flower of water" and won the Fife Award in 1996. 

Armani's latest perfume is "Imperial Girl" (Emporio Armani for her), which has a sensitive and charming oriental flavor Fragrance Oils.