• Cheese flavour
Cheese flavour

Cheese flavour

Rich and thick aroma Cheese flavour profile,applied in all varieties of food solutions such as Baking, Sugar and ect. Flavour sample free

Characteristic: Liquid form Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


The difference between cheese and butter

When we buy baked goods, we often see pastries such as cheese slices, and some people find that cheese on cheese slices is similar to butter, so what is the difference between cheese and butter? 

Cheese is usually made from milk, and cheese refers to semi-condensed food made from animal milk or paste food made from fruit. for example, the common cheese is a kind of cheese with less moisture. 

Others may be a little confused about butter, because it seems very similar to cheese. In fact, cheese and butter are made from milk, but because of the different substances purified, they show different characteristics. The protein is purified, and the cheese is made, and the fat is purified, and the butter is made. if you compare the two, the cheese is better.

About Cheese flavour

Cheese flavour is Artificial Flavoring. The flavor of cheese is formed by flavor substances produced during cheese processing and ripening. The formation of this flavor is largely the result of enzyme action. The enzymes in cheese come from the milk used to process cheese, the starter used to produce cheese, and the added cheese coagulant. The formation of flavor substances in cheese is a slow process. However, it is suitable for processing conditions. When exogenous enzymes are used, the processing time can be significantly shortened, and the flavor of cheese can be produced before the unique texture of cheese is formed. The Cheese flavour usually use in Cookies Essence flavoring. Which is Fat soluble Flavor.

Professional Flavour wholesale

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