• Fermented Milk paste
Fermented Milk paste

Fermented Milk paste

It has natural Fermented Milk paste profile,it used in all varieties of foods products including Biscuit, Juice and ect. Flavoring sample free of charge

Characteristic: Liquid form Water soluble, Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years


What is Fermented Milk paste

Fermented milk is a kind of milk product which takes milk as raw material, adds beneficial bacteria (starter) to milk after pasteurization, and then cools and fills it after fermentation. Cheese is quite nutritious, the protein content is higher than the same weight of meat, and rich in calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin A, B and other nutrients, but also quite high cholesterol content. Cheese is a fermented milk product, its properties are similar to the common yoghurt, are made through the fermentation process, but also contain healthy lactic acid bacteria, but the concentration of cheese is higher than yoghurt, similar to solid food, As a result, the nutritional value is richer.

Fermented Milk paste wholesale 

Our company is specialized in the production and operation of food and daily chemical flavors and spices professional companies. 

The company has many years of experience in flavoring professional perfumer, Can supply all kinds of food flavors and daily chemical flavors, mainly used in shampoo, conditioner, skin care products, perfume, toilet water, washing powder, hand sanitizer, soap, cream, toothpaste, bath lotion, detergent, air freshener, steam. Car incense seat, insecticides, mosquito incense, line incense, sanitary incense, paper towels, latex paint, industrial cloth, candles and aromatherapy oil and other daily industrial products, but also according to customer needs to deploy a variety of daily chemical flavors and all kinds of automotive perfumes. Flavour in bulk Cambodia Fermented Milk paste wholesale please contact us.

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