• Gomez Type undiluted Perfume Oils
Gomez Type undiluted Perfume Oils

Gomez Type undiluted Perfume Oils

Bouquet: floral and fruity flavours and gourmet notes.
Top note: orange peach pineapple raspberry.
Middle tune: Musk freesia BlackBerry.
Aftertone: Amber vanilla dark chocolate coconut.
Attribute: female incense.
Perfumer: Givaudan.
Label: sweet fruit aroma cocoa bean tropical fruit vanilla

Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616
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About Gomez Type perfume oils

Jos Perfume Oils Manufacturers

The perfume of the same name, which is a loyal fan of Selena, is also my first bottle of formal perfume Oils. 

It was my freshman year, and I had only smelled my mother's Chanel 5, Sephora's millions of men's incense, my real test-tube perfume. 

The first time I smelled Selena, I felt so sweet and warm, like the fruit gum I ate when I was a child, which perfectly satisfied my teenage heart at that time. essential oil perfume recipes

Put it on my bookshelf, you can vaguely smell sweetness when you sleep at night, and when you wake up the next morning, you really feel like you're in a honeypot.  Jos Perfume Oils Manufacturers,Nigeria Jos Perfume Oils

At first every reuse is very precious, very cherished, and later found that it always seems to be used up, and there is no longer the initial kind of excitement. After more perfume in the back, the bottle has been shelved, and then there is no perfume as reluctant to use as a baby. 

It was not until I came home a few days ago that I suddenly saw it and picked it up and sprayed it. 

The first feeling is sweet, even sweet to the point! essential oil perfume recipes

Suddenly found that in the past few years in a hurry, I am no longer the child full of maiden hearts, but this familiar smell always reminds me of the night when I smelled the sweet smell a few years ago, and the little me of that year. Pure Perfume Oils