• Condensed milk flavour
Condensed milk flavour

Condensed milk flavour

Offering natural and full Condensed milk flavour profile,applied in all types of foods products including Jelly, Ice cream and ect. Flavours sample free of charge

Characteristic: Liquid form Water soluble, Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years


What is Condensed milk flavour

Condensed milk is an indispensable raw material in food production and processing. 

In the production of a variety of milk drinks, milk tea, plant milk drinks and other products on the market, it is often necessary to add condensed milk. in addition to reflecting the nutritional function of condensed milk, it can also enhance the natural, smooth and rich feeling of milk drinks. 

However, because most milk drinks need high temperature and ultra high temperature sterilization in the production process, most of the rich aroma compounds contained in condensed milk will be lost in this process, in addition, 

Maillard reaction occurs in the milk beverage products with condensed milk in this process, resulting in a large number of nitrogen-containing and sulfur-containing compounds, resulting in unpleasant aroma, which is very different from the flavor of fresh condensed milk. 

In the production of condensed milk beverage, milk tea, Bakery Flavor and plant beverage, it is often necessary to add Condensed milk flavour to supplement and correct the aroma flavor of condensed milk, so that consumers can feel the rich flavor of condensed milk. 

The traditional condensed milk essence is difficult to produce realistic condensed milk aroma because of the addition of a large number of vanillin, ethyl vanillin and other raw materials, and its aroma lacks the natural feeling of condensed milk. 

It affects the natural flavor of milk drinks, milk tea, vegetable protein drinks and other products with this condensed milk flavor. 

As a result, the final product flavor is single, lack of natural flavor of natural condensed milk, and lack of characteristic fragrance.

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