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Mango flavour for beverage baking and candy

Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits. Mango fruit contains sugar, protein, crude fiber and high vitamin C content. Minerals, protein, fat, sugars, etc., are also the main nutrients. Can make fruit juice, jam, canned and so on.

Our mango flavor has a vivid and rich mango flavor, natural mellow, natural and long-lasting fragrance, good use effect.

Our food grade mango flavour has several different aroma types, such as ripe mango aroma, fresh mango aroma, mango peel aroma. Corresponding to different product application scenarios, different fragrance can be used. Our mango essential oils are water-soluble and oil-soluble. Water-soluble mango flavor is mainly used in beverage products, oil-soluble mango flavor, can be used in sugar production.

Product uses: beverage, baking, biscuit, cake, dessert, candy dairy products, dairy drinks, e-cigarettes and other products.

Storage instructions: sealed storage in a cool, dry environment and avoid contact with light and heat.

Usage: add evenly according to the requirements of production process and can not be eaten directly.

Product dosage: use appropriate amount according to production needs

MOQ: 5kg/type



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