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Hami melon food grade flavor water soluble

Hami melon is mainly produced in Turpan-Hami Basin, it has a unique flavor, crisp and refreshing. Hami melon is rich in nutrition and its sugar content is up to 21%. It can be used to make fruit juice and pastry.

Our Hami melon flavor rich of hami melon and elegant aroma, sweet and delicate taste.Character: water-soluble, oil-soluble, sweet cantaloupe aroma.

Scope of application: food, beverages, pastries, daily necessities, etc.

 food grade Hami melon flavor

Product features:

1. This product is a new type of aroma enhancer, which has the pure melon meat aroma of Xinjiang Hami melon, mellow and sweet taste, rich and long-lasting fragrance. Used in food, add a small amount of fragrance, sweet cantaloupe flavor. Used in daily chemical products, the sweet cantaloupe aroma is clear and flying, the volatilization is uniform, and the fragrance is long-lasting and unique.

2. This product has the function of solid fragrance and good fusion, and can be perfectly integrated with the raw materials of beverage and food. it can not only coordinate the overall aroma of the product, cover up the miscellaneous flavor, but also highlight the long fragrance of cantaloupe, enhance the aroma of the product and enrich the sweet taste of cantaloupe. It also has the effect of bacteriostasis and anticorrosion and prolonging the shelf life of the products.

3. The formula can be adjusted and customized according to the specific needs of customers.

Usage: this product is used directly and evenly with the ingredients according to the quantity, and can not be eaten directly.

Suggested dosage: the specific amount of addition depends on the production formula and production process.

Note: keep it at room temperature and keep it in a cool, ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight. Please keep it sealed after unpacking.



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