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Does strawberry flavor have strawberry ingredients

Strawberry flavour is a synthetic concentrated aromatic oil imitating the natural smell of strawberries. It is an artificial spice. Generally speaking, it does not contain strawberries.

Strawberries are wild and cultivated, and the wild fruits are small, dark in color and stronger in aroma than the cultivated varieties. In Europe and the United States, strawberry is a popular berry, it is not only used as fresh fruit consumption, the food industry is also used to make jam, fruit juice and other food, flavor and flavor industry also uses it to make natural strawberry flavor.

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The aroma of strawberry is composed of green, sweet and sour three kinds of fragrance, while the green and sweet fragrance is dominant. The traditional strawberry flavors are usually 3-methyl-3-phenyl glycidyl ethyl ester (strawberry aldehyde) and 3-phenyl glycidyl ethyl ester (strawberry ester) with similar strawberry flavor. With the continuous development of synthetic spices, there are more varieties available for the preparation of strawberry flavor. Ethanol, leaf alcohol and some of their esters have a certain effect on improving the authenticity of strawberry flavor.

Flavors are divided into daily chemical flavors, industrial flavors and edible flavors.

Edible flavor is a natural flavor, non-toxic and harmless. People can rest assured to use. It is mainly used to prepare food. For example: making biscuits, cakes, candies, drinks, cans, wine and other food. If you have an oven at home, you can put it properly in making cookies or cakes to increase the taste and feel more delicious. Sometimes, in the preparation of fish food, but also use the essence, the smell is very good. I get something every time I go fishing.

Industrial flavors are widely used. Used in rubber industry, chemical paint and other products. Some inferior perfumes are also used in industrial fragrances, this perfume is best not to buy, harmful to the human body.

Daily chemical essence is mainly used in personal care products such as perfume, soap, cosmetics and so on. There are several kinds of fragrance of soap when you see it. For example: lemon fragrance, jasmine scent and so on.

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