• Legend Type undiluted perfume oils
Legend Type undiluted perfume oils

Legend Type undiluted perfume oils

Fragrance: rich fragrance.
Top note: lavender, lemon, vervain, pineapple.
Middle tune: coumarin oak moss geranium rose red apple dried fruit.
Back tune: sandalwood zero mausoleum pea.
Attribute: male.
Label: intense sweet fruit aromas, fresh and spicy wood citrus

Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


Product details

BrandFlavour so good
Model typeFSG
Name-- Legend Type undiluted perfume oils
Execution standardsGB 2760、GB 30616 National standards
FormColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Aroma description--Aroma of Legend Type  
Use and dosage

Parfum 20%,E.D.P 15%,E.D.T 8%-15%,Cologn 4%-8%

Use methodAdd to the product and mix it evenly
PackingPE can for food, 1/2/5/20kg, Carton
Storage methodAvoid light, place in a cool, ventilated dry place
Shelf life24 months

(1) About Sample

Samples are free, need sample please contact, customer bears the DHL shipping fee.

(2) About shipping

Less than 70kg usually ship by DHL, the shipping fee maybe be expensive, depend on the destination.

More than 70kg usually ship by sea, shipping fee is about $300 to all country. Shipping time about 2 months.

If ship the good to your cargo agent in China, free of charge.

(3) About Discount

Perfume oil moq is 2kg/type, order 5kg get 20% discount.

Inner packing

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Outer packing

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Production workshop

Production workshop

Our manufacture have ISO HACCP HALAL certificate and standard GMP workshop in 20 year expericence. 


Legend Type undiluted perfume oils

This is the most classic male fragrance in the world. he bought this because he was misled by a perfume forum. he said that the legend tastes the same as David Duff's king wind (described below). I'm worried that the king wind is too tall. I can't put it in the drawer. when I saw this sentence, I immediately went to the reliable store to buy this one. Found that the similarity is only 30%, this is pure men's perfume is sure, but that elegant gentle gentleman-style fragrance. Oshogbo Aromatherapy essential Oils,Nigeria Fragrance Oils wholesale

At first I had a general impression of it, but I just thought it was a simple classic men's perfume, but then I found out why it was said to be the most popular male fragrance in the world. it was good to stay for six hours, and it was only three days if it was on the clothes. 

The light cedar mixed rose is very elegant, the sandalwood at the end gives people a kind of quiet and steady, there is no tobacco debauchery and vicissitudes of life, give me the feeling is a gentle gentleman, will not easily lose his temper