• Herrera 212 Men Type undiluted perfume oils
Herrera 212 Men Type undiluted perfume oils

Herrera 212 Men Type undiluted perfume oils

Bouquet: Wood Flower Flavor.
Top note: spice bitter orange leaf lavender green leaf grapefruit lemon.
Middle tone: ginger Gardenia violet sage.
Aftertone: Laudanzhi sandalwood musk guaiacum Gyabgon burning incense.
Attribute: male.
Label: fresh, spicy, green leaf citrus, rich woody, warm and spicy

Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


Herrera 212 Men Type undiluted perfume oils

This incense I really can not find its deficiency ah, first of all, smell suitable for both men and women, girls wear can not be different from vulgar powder, boys wear is straight female chopping it. Then the fragrance is very pleasant (that is, everyone will feel good and not dizzy) rare is that it is not on the street! Kaduna Aromatherapy essential Oils,Nigeria Perfume Oils Suppliers

It's definitely recognizable! The taste is advanced and exquisite and natural, the office can be sprayed sitting, out running circle can also be sprayed ah! Wear a suit shirt can spray, wear pants slit slippers can also spray ah! And then spread just in time, nothing aggressive and quite existential! 

And then leave it fragrant and spicy? good, the tail tone is fresh and natural! Ah Beautiful. The choice of balance.