• Extra pure milk flavour
Extra pure milk flavour

Extra pure milk flavour

It has strong and smooth extra pure milk flavour profile,applied in all types of foods items like Candy, Cake and ect. Flavoring sample cost-free

Characteristic: Liquid form Water soluble, Oil soluble
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


What is Extra pure milk flavour

Extra pure milk flavour a mixture of spices. It has pure natural fresh milk aroma, high concentration, lifelike taste and high resistance. 

Warm, suitable for dairy products, baking products, fried goods, high-grade candy, ice cream, wheat. Slices, Juice Flavoring, ice cream, cakes, bread, biscuits and so on increase the aroma and taste of fresh milk. Compared with ordinary fresh. Cream or milk powder reduces the cost by more than 50% and improves the quality of the product. Diluted a thousand times, it's still fresh. Emulsion Flavour,Fat

Milk aroma and taste. Uses: this product is composed of vanillin and other flavors, fragrance efficiency and base materials according to advanced formula. Fragrant, pure, widely used in candy, drinks, ice cream, snow. Seasoning of cakes, biscuits, dairy products, meat products, etc.

Extra pure milk flavour wholesale

Our company is Production, sales in one of the professional flavor company, the choice of edible flavor is referring to the flavor of natural food, beam with natural and natural equivalent spices, A variety of flavors that are carefully tuned and have a natural flavor. Flavour Vendor Brunei wholesale contact us.