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The essence in the moisturizer

What kind of flavor will be suitable for use in moisturizer products? Follow the essence company-FlavourSoGood to find out. 

The essence in the moisturizer

1  The essence used for moisturizing cream is first of all required to have a good sense of fragrance, which is generally softer, fresh and sweet, except for some moisturizing creams that require a strong flavor. Generally use lighter, fragrance can smell comfortable essence, such as fresh fruit essence, aloe essence, small flower jasmine essence and other flavor types can be used in moisturizer.  The essence in the moisturizer

2  there is a certain amount of time to stay fragrance, can be used in moisturizing cream products will not require a long time to stay incense, but also have a certain amount of time to stay incense. 

economical essence, the essence used in moisturizer will not be as detailed as the essence used in perfume, generally good flavor and economical essence is suitable for application in moisturizer.



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