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The easiest way to make your own perfume,

The easiest way to make your own perfume

The main function of perfume is to spray on our skin, so that the skin to ensure a clear fragrance, a light taste, can help to retain a better image in the crowd, but also improve their temperament, so what kind of perfume does a person use? Decide what this person's taste is, perfume can also be made on their own, you can choose the flowers and plants you like, with pure natural plant essence to make fresh perfume buy essential perfume. 

The easiest way to make your own perfume, what ingredients do you need? 

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In ancient China, perfume was called "perfume", also known as "flower dew", which was also a true reflection of the original way in which the perfume was made. buy essential perfume

The flowers are distilled in a specific vessel, and the essence in the petals is evaporated, then mixed into the distilled water vapor, and the aromatic water vapor condenses again into the liquid. 

Perfume is actually made from essential oils, extraction solutions, plant essence and other aromatic chemical materials. The advantage of making your own perfume is that you can rely entirely on the aromas of natural flowers, fruits, etc., and create a bottle of perfume that belongs to you. Of course, you have to choose the one that suits you best. Citrus is relatively fresh and bright, lemon, citrus smell delicate; plants are full of natural green aromas, green forest to yearn for; flowers are the most easily coordinated aroma, full of fashion, can blend with other aromas. Determine the fragrance, that is, what people usually say: primary, medium and bottom flavor, that is, perfume with the length of time and emit different stages of fragrance. 

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The easiest way to make your own perfume, what ingredients do you need? 

There are many ways to make perfume, but none of them can be done at home, including distillation, solvent extraction, pressing, oil absorption and so on. The distillation method we use is to put the plant raw materials in boiling water, and then the essential oil containing fragrance will escape with the water vapor, and then when the steam condenses into water, the fragrant oil will float on the surface of the water. buy essential perfume. That's when you can collect it. However, this process usually has to be repeated several times before it is possible to obtain higher purity sesame oil. In chemical industry, there is also a method called extraction, which can improve the distillation process. 

The easiest way to make your own perfume, what ingredients do you need? 

Materials: their favorite flowers and fruits, ice cubes, pure water. 

Utensils: heating appliances, bowls. 

1. Remove the petals of the flowers and chop them up with your favorite herbs, peels, etc. 

2. Put the peel of flowers and plants in a pot, pour in pure or distilled water, and place an empty bowl in the middle. 

3. When the water boils and flameout, buckle the lid upside down and put a lot of ice on the lid to allow the steam to condense. 

4. Wait for the pot in the bowl slowly accumulated flower dew, take out and put into a glass bottle can be used.



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