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Overview of Flavor Industry

Flavor is an aromatic mixture made of a variety of flavor raw materials, solvents or carriers and other excipients, which is usually directly used to increase the aroma and aroma of all kinds of end products, and plays a unique and irreplaceable role. 

In food, beverage, daily chemical, tobacco, pharmaceutical, textile, feed, leather and many other industries, flavors are widely used, the production of perfume is directly dependent on flavors, there is no essence, there is no modern urbanization life. The blending of flavors not only contains superb science and technology, but also has superb artistry, and plays an important role in the quality of the end products.


The main characteristics of flavor manufacturing.

(1) individual needs of customers.

With the improvement of residents' living standards, consumers' demand for the fragrance of food and daily necessities is increasing; at the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market competition in the field of consumption, downstream enterprises need to innovate and sell products constantly. Adjust aroma and flavor to win the favor of consumers. Therefore, according to the different needs of downstream customers, essence manufacturers must constantly develop new formulations to produce flavor products that meet the market trend and meet the innovative needs of customers. On the other hand, at present, the downstream food, cigarette and daily chemical industries have been industrialized production mode, but the quality of each batch of raw materials is not completely consistent, in order to ensure that the end products are in line with the flavor characteristics of their own brands, it is necessary to constantly adjust the flavor formula according to the different characteristics of the raw materials. Therefore, at present, the production of essence is usually customized according to the needs of customers.

(2) The perfumer artistically blends the essence.

Perfumer is also know as blending fragrance artists, several or even dozens of flavor raw materials are configured into a mixture with a certain flavor type and rhyme through a certain blending technology. Perfumer is not only a science and technology, but also an art. Like music and painting, musicians create themes with a series of notes, painters create themes with tones, and perfumers create pleasant aromas by blending certain fragrances. The perfumer gives the fragrance soul to the flavor formula through artistic creation, so the level of the flavor formula directly determines the level of the essence.

(3)The mode of production with multiple batches and small batches.

There is a strict limit on the use of flavors on product, and the usual flavoring products contain only 0.2%-2% flavors. For example, 1kg flavor can be used to produce 200kg candy, biscuits, or 1500 bottles of soda or 100kg soap. Therefore, the quantity of essence purchased by downstream enterprises in each batch is limited, and because of the large number of downstream customers, in order to meet the different needs of all kinds of enterprises, essence production enterprises can only organize production through multi-batch and small batch.

The above is some analysis on the current situation of the food flavor industry. If you have any opinions on the current situation of the food flavor industry, you are welcome to communicate with me.



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