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Must natural spices be better than artificial spices

Must natural spices be better than artificial spices? 

In fact, this question should return to the nature of perfume. the purpose is to smell good, not to pursue whether it is natural or not. There is no denying that the natural fragrance of natural spices is to a large extent superior to artificial spices, fuller details and richer levels. 

But artificial perfume also has its unique advantages, specific to the perfume formula, the perfumer will choose according to the demand, rather than blindly pursue the natural. 


In fact, many artificial spices are more expensive than the same type of natural spices, smell better and stay fragrant for longer. With the progress of science and technology, more and more new spices, new smells have been developed, so we can smell more styles of perfume.  Perfume natural spices

Artificial spices are the inevitable result of the progress of human science and technology, and there is no need to pursue the so-called nature. perfume artificial spices



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