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Do all perfumes have top middle and base notes

Do all perfumes have top middle and base notes? 

The three notes of perfume is only a concept, because the components in the perfume volatilize at different rates, resulting in three distinct odor stages. There is nothing wrong with this concept, but it is not absolute. Because the purpose of perfume is to smell good, to bring a good feeling to the user, and it does not have to make the fragrance changeable. 


So in reality, many perfumes will show a linear trend, that is almost one flavor from beginning to end, this kind of fragrance is called "linear incense". 

By the same token, there are only two flavors of perfume, which can be regarded as a "second key". There are also some perfumes with a wide range of variations, and it is also right to describe them as "four tones" or "five tones".



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