How to understand the formula of E-liquid

A lot of people don't know what to think of the recipe, which is actually very simple. Generally speaking, there are two forms of formula on the Internet, 

1 Base liquid fixation type. 

2 Flavor proportion type. 

1 base liquid fixation type. 

This one is to list all the raw materials in a fixed proportion. 

VG PG nicotine is listed. 

This formula is suitable for novices, according to the number on the line, the disadvantage is that it is easy to rely on, is not conducive to long-term DIY cigarette oil. 

2 Flavor proportion type. 

This one is that only the proportion of essence, no VG PG nicotine, is to adjust their own collocation, this formula may be a little difficult for beginners to accept, but once you understand, your DIY will be easy. 

In short, DIY smoke oil is a process of self-play, which is the fun of DIY smoke oil.



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