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Boucheron Sokoto Perfume oil vendor

Brand: Bao Shilong. 

Fragrant notes: Oriental flower notes. 

Top notes: apricot, marigold, orange, orange, gooseberry leaf, basil, orange, lemon, bitter orange, lemon. 

Middle note: Jasmine evening fragrant jade ylang iris root short from small golden finch, cedar, cedar, orange geranium, geranium daffodil. 

Back note: sandalwood vanilla amber musk benzoin civet oak moss Lingling beans. 

Attribute: female incense. 

Perfumer: Francis Deleamont, Jean-Pierre Bethouart. 

Label: White flower, wood fragrance, citrus, sweet animal, yellow flower

Sokoto Perfume oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

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【knowledge of perfume】

Spray the perfume on your hands first. 


Rub the sprinkler on the perfume on your hand and rub it with perfume. 


Take a hard breath on the perfume on the sprinkler (be careful not to blow the saliva out). 

If there is obvious white foam on the shower head (PS: is not your own saliva), then your perfume is of good quality (natural flavor content). 


It must be noted that this method must be fast to be effective.

Boucheron Sokoto Perfume oil vendor Sokoto Perfume oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

Sokoto Perfume oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

Contact: +8615018706725(Ben)

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