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Benetton Tribu Sokoto Perfume oil factory

Brand: Benetton. 

Fragrant notes: floral notes. 

Top note: blackcurrant Violet Leaf Orange. 

Middle note: Jasmine ylang geranium chamomile rose. 

Back note: vetiver, sandalwood, oak moss, benzoin. 

Attribute: female incense. 

Perfumer: Bernard Ellena. 

Label: woody, fruity, earthy, herbaceous and floral

Sokoto Perfume oil factory, Nigeria Perfume oil

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【knowledge of perfume】

Acetaldehyde flower fragrance. 

Acetaldehyde gives perfume a very unique fragrance. It was first used in Chanel No5 and is typical of French perfume. 

Acetaldehyde enhances the top notes by adding a touch of champagne to the fragrance. 

This kind of perfume is complex, modern and can be used all year round. 

Stands for: Chanel No. 5, Arpege by Lanvin, Mme Rochas, Rive Gauche by YSL, L'Interdit by Givenchy. 

Grassy notes. 

Sokoto Perfume oil factory, Nigeria Perfume oil

Contact: +8615018706725(Ben)

Benetton Tribu Sokoto Perfume oil factory Sokoto Perfume oil factory, Nigeria Perfume oil

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