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Armani Black Code Man Katsina Perfume oil supplier

Brand: Armani. 

Fragrant notes: spicy oriental notes. 

Top notes: fragrant lemon. 

Middle note: star anise olive flower guaiaca. 

Back tone: leather tobacco Lingling fragrant beans. 

Attribute: male incense. 

Perfumer: Antoine Maisondieu, Antoine Lie, Clement Gavarry. 

Label: citrus leather with strong floral fragrance, soft and spicy

Katsina Perfume oil supplier, Nigeria Perfume oil

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【knowledge of perfume】

If for a middle-aged woman, explain and advise her: perfume lasts longer in her hair and clothes. 

There is also a difference in the duration of perfume on cotton, silk and synthetic clothing: apply perfume to natural clothing (spices can last up to two months) so that you can fully understand the durability of real perfume.

There are also differences in nose acceptance of perfume. 

Objectively in this sense, the difference in nose is quite different from the difference in skin, and the former has a very different feeling to perfume. 

A) adaptability. 

Katsina Perfume oil supplier, Nigeria Perfume oil

Contact: +8615018706725(Ben)

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