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Application of Food Flavour in baked

Application of food flavour in baked. 

According to its physical state, edible flavor can be divided into liquid, powder, microcapsule and paste. The food flavor used in baked food must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, so the flavor additives with powder and pulp as the carrier are mostly used. the chemical properties of food flavors in these two states are the most stable at high temperature. therefore, food flavors in these two states are mostly used in baked food. Taking bread which is more common in baked food as an example, this paper analyzes in detail the specific use and function of edible flavor in the process of bread making. Nguni Food flavour wholesale

1 use food flavour in the dough making stage. 

The first and most important step in bread making is to mix noodles. The taste of bread mainly depends on how long the dough is made and how long it takes to wake up. In view of the fact that it takes a long time to wake up, seasoning is usually added after the dough is fermented evenly, which can fully reduce the loss of flavor caused by the dough for too long and reduce unnecessary loss. In addition, after molding, the dough will be baked at 200 ℃ or higher, and most of the edible flavors will evaporate quickly at such a high temperature. Nguni Food flavour wholesale Therefore, oil-soluble or powdered spices must be applied to the dough of baked goods. In addition, in order to ensure the uniformity of food aroma, after selecting the flavor, it is mixed into water or oil, and the mixture of spice and water or oil can be mixed into the dough according to the principle of compatibility, stirring and mixing the dough containing flavors and ingredients to ensure the uniformity of the finished product. 

2 use food flavour after baking and baking. 

Bread usually goes through three stages in the baking process. The bread germ is placed in the stove. (2) when the firepower is maintained at about 200C for 5 ~ 10 min, the bread can be seen to form a hard crust and shape the bread. (3) gradually reduce the firepower, so that the bread forms a uniform scorched yellow or golden yellow. Nguni Food flavour wholesale After the bread is baked out of the oven, some essential cooking oil is usually smeared or sprayed on the surface of the unfinished bread to compensate for the aroma of the bread itself lost in the process of baking at high temperature. but the disadvantage of this method is that it can not completely avoid the loss of flavor caused by heat. 

3 the use of edible food flavour in sandwich process. 

Many breads and biscuits use the sandwich process, which is less demanding on flavors than baking. Add the stuffing to the interlayer of cookies or bread. the main ingredients of the stuffing are sugar, fat, dairy products and jam. In the production process, you only need to add the right amount of water and oil to mix with the edible food flavour to increase the flavor of the stuffing itself, and then use a special sandwich machine for processing.

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