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Application of Food Flavor in Candy production

Flavors are widely used in confectionery production (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , and oil-soluble flavors with high thermal stability are generally used. In the production of all kinds of modern candy, such as hard candy, inflatable candy, caramel candy, juice candy, gel candy, chewing gum, bubble gum, powder gum, etc., edible flavor is one of the indispensable additives, it can make candy varieties rich and colorful, ever-changing, in order to meet people's requirements for different tastes, but also can make the candy taste pure and attractive.


Candy flavor: it can be said that candy without flavor is difficult to sell, even the ancient maltose has a natural aroma when it is fermented (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) .

The addition amount of flavor in candy is generally 0.1% Mel 0 (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) .3%, but the addition amount in gum-based sugars such as chewing gum and bubble gum generally needs to reach 0.5%-0.8%, which is the most widely used in all kinds of foods. it plays an important role in gum-based sugar and is an important factor in determining product quality. In the selection of flavors, it is generally determined according to the temperature to be tolerated in candy production. For gum-based sweets, attention must also be paid to the effect of essence solvents on them.

In candy production, oil-soluble flavors with high thermal stability are generally used. sometimes, in order to improve the quality of products, some natural spices are also used, such as lemon oil, peppermint oil, orange oil and eucalyptus oil. Artificial spices are generally not used alone (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , only a few varieties such as vanillin and ethyl vanillin can be used alone. In the production of hard candy, flavors and spices are generally added when they are cooled to 105 ℃ to prevent the essence from volatilizing or mixing unevenly. In the production of protein sugar, flavors and fragrances are generally added in the blending process after stirring.

Most hard sweets add different spices to improve the flavor effect, especially liquid spices, which contribute to the uniform distribution of aroma volatile compounds to all parts of the hard candy sweet body. The amount of flavor added to hard candy is generally 0.1% Mel 0.3%. The amount of flavor should not only take into account the other components of the sweet body and the flavor requirements of the product (Saudi Arabia food flavour supplier) , but also according to the aroma intensity and purity of the flavor itself, through experimental practice, to obtain the optimal number of addition, deficiency or excess will lead to adverse or opposite consequences. Only adding spice hard candy is not enough to cover up its boring sweetness and monotonous flavor, especially fruit-type hard candy, adding appropriate amount of sour agent can eliminate these defects and exert the aroma to a perfect degree.

Starting from the comprehensive flavor effect, it is effective to add natural flavor materials to the composition of hard sugar, such as fresh milk, condensed milk, coconut milk, cocoa (Saudi Arabia food flavour wholesale) , coffee (Saudi Arabia food Ingredient supplier) , tea, peanuts and so on. The addition amount depends on the need, and the practice has proved that the products with comprehensive aroma effect are very popular.



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