• Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder
Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder

Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder

Stand out Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder profile,applied to all varieties of food items such as Snack, Biscuit and ect. Flavoring sample free

Characteristic: Powder Seasonings
Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container


Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder processing method 

The utility model is made from the following raw materials by weight: alfalfa Hawthorn 8 ≤ 10, chicken pine 6 ≤ 8, beef 15 ≤ 20, fermented bean sauce 20 ≤ 40, pepper bud 10 ≤ 15, pineapple honey core 10 ≤ 20, black pepper 3 ≤ 6, curd powder 1 ≤ 2, Shepherd's purse 0.2 ≤ 0.4, Swertia papyrifera 0.1 ≤ 0.2, Aristolochia mandshurica 0.2 ≤ 0.3, Huolong. Fruit flower 0.2 ≤ 0.4, leaf 0.1 ≤ 0.2, xylitol 10 ≤ 15, capsicum oil 8 ≤ 12, red wine 8-10, flaxseed oil proper amount, black garlic nutrient solution proper amount. The spicy steak seasoning prepared by the invention has the advantages of suitable spicy, strong steak flavoring, mellow flavoring, cooking beef noodle, lamb meat and barbecue, the cooking taste is unique and delicious, and a plurality of traditional Chinese medicine components are added to the formula, Strengthen health care function, with heat, stomach, fire, bright eyes, antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect. 

Processing steps of Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder 

(1) thawing the frozen beef at 12 °C and 18 °C until the deep temperature of the beef is above 0 °C, and removing the clutter to form a flake steak, Pour in vacuum kneading machine together with washed cut Hawthorn, pepper bud, pineapple honey core, xylitol and proper amount of black garlic nutrient solution, Roll knead and marinate for 40 minutes and 60 minutes, waiting for use; 

(2) decoction of shepherd's purse flower, Swertia papyrifera, Aristolochia mandshurica, dragon fruit flower and Elaeagnus angustifolia leaves for 1 hour and 2 hours, filtration and slag removal, ultrafiltration of filtrate to obtain refined solution; 

(3) take out the marinade, sift it out, sort out the beef steak from the rest of the solids, and grind the rest of the solids into pulp, Heat with refined liquid, black pepper, curry powder, Douchi, chili oil and chicken over low heat and stir until boiling. Get thick sauce, marinate steak for use; 

(4) heat the appropriate amount of flaxseed oil into the pot to 2? 3% heat, add pickled steak slowly fried and spray red wine to the surface of the steak until the wine is dry, then grind into pulp, stir evenly with thick sauce, and pack in bags. 

With the improvement of living standards, people not only pay attention to the nutritional components of food, but also require higher sensory taste of food, so the food condiment industry has developed. The traditional condiments are mainly salt, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and other single varieties, but with the development of the industry, condiments show a clear trend towards product diversification, compound naturalization, nutrition and health direction. 

Our Spicyh Hot Beef Seasoning Powder, spicy and suitable, with strong steak flavoring, mellow flavoring, can cook beef noodles, lamb and barbecue, cooking taste unique taste delicious, the formula also adds a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients to strengthen health care function.