• E-liquid flavor concentrates Melon
E-liquid flavor concentrates Melon

E-liquid flavor concentrates Melon

Melon flavour concentrates use for Melon mixed E-Juice making. Melon E-Juice oil is a complete summer smoke oil, its melon and fruit flavor is sweet can let players enjoy a good sense of freshness.

Packaging: 2kg or 5kg PE Container
Shelf life: 3 (three) years
Executive standard for products: GB 30616


About E-liquid flavor concentrates Melon

The sweet smell of ripe melon and fruit gives the user a good sense of freshness at the entrance; when the smoke passes through the throat, the unique aroma of the real melon in the taste will appear. 

However, during the smoke exhalation process, the taste of cantaloupe, which also belongs to melon, will also be perceived, and finally the taste will be locked in the mouth to give people a aftertaste. 

What makes it special is the sweetness and fruit taste in the taste, because when the oil storage atomizer is used, its sweetness will be enlarged and the melon taste will dominate; when using the drop oil atomizer, the sweetness will be lighter, and the Hami melon taste will be greater than the melon flavor.

Nicotine E-liquid flavors concentrate


The E-liquid Flavour concentrate and not E-liquid. It Is for DIY Mix. 

These concentrate won't be vape standalone unless mix with PG VG.

When mixing with your own PG VG its recommended to use around 1ml to 1.5ml flavour Concentrate per 10ml bottle ( for Bigger bottles do the maths) you can add extra drops until you find the right taste for yourself.