• Tagatose Food grade sweetener wholesale
Tagatose Food grade sweetener wholesale

Tagatose Food grade sweetener wholesale

Food grade Tagatose
CAS: 87-81-0
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Tagatose: galactose is hydrolyzed from lactose to obtain galactose (because galactose is a reductive disaccharide produced by the combination of galactose and glucose). Galactose is an isomer of glucose and is also a kind of hexalose. Galactose is then treated by isomerase to convert galactose into six-carbon hexanose containing keto groups. Tagatose Food grade sweetener,sweetener supplier,Nigeria sweetener wholesale

Character: a six-carbon ketose, a differential isomer of fructose. The molecular formula is C6H12O6 and the relative molecular weight is 180.16. There are two forms of left-handed and right-handed bodies, which are generally used as dextral D-tagatose. White odorless crystalline powder, sweet, 92% sweetness of the same amount of sucrose, while the heat generated is only 1 1.5kcal/g of sucrose, melting point 132-135 ℃, soluble in water, 62% solubility in water (30 ℃). Thermal stability, glass transition temperature 15 ℃, easy crystallization, low hygroscopicity. It has strong acid resistance and is stable in the range of pH2~7. Caramel reaction and Maillard browning reaction are easy to occur. Natural tagatose mainly exists in yogurt, milk powder and other dairy products. 

Uses: low-calorie sweetener; moisture inhibitor; tissue improver; stabilizer.