• Sucralose Food grade sweetener wholesale
Sucralose Food grade sweetener wholesale

Sucralose Food grade sweetener wholesale

Food grade Sucralose
CAS: 56038-13-2
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Product name: sucralose. 

Properties and properties: usually white powder products. 

The physicochemical properties are close to sucrose. 

It is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and has almost no effect on temperature and pH value, so it is suitable for high temperature sterilization, spray drying, baking, extrusion and other processes in food processing. 

No calories, no caries. 

PH has wide adaptability, suitable for acidic to neutral foods, and has a masking effect on astringent, bitter and other unpleasant tastes. 

Easy to dissolve in water, not easy to produce blistering phenomenon when dissolving, so it is suitable for high-speed filling production line of carbonated beverages. 

Sucralose is a functional sweetener using sucrose as raw material. The original brand name is Splenda, and the sweetness of sucrose can reach 600 times. Sucralose Food grade sweetener,sweetener supplier,Nigeria sweetener wholesale

This sweetener has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness, high safety and so on. 


China's hygienic Standard for Food Additives (GB2760-2014) stipulates that sucralose can be used as table sweetener in 0.05g/ packets and slices, frozen drinks (except 03.04 edible ice), canned fruits, pickled vegetables, canned grains, baked foods, fruit juice beverages, compound seasonings, prepared wine, soy sauce and soy products, vinegar and soy sauce. 

It is used in preparing milk, flavor fermented milk, processing edible fungi and algae, 0.4 g in spicy sauce (such as mustard, green mustard), 0.45 g in jam and jelly, 0.65 g in fermented wine, 1 g in milk powder and cream powder. 

Used in mayonnaise, salad dressing, 1.25g / kg; in candied fruit, candy, 1.5g/kg