• Stevioside Food grade sweetener wholesale
Stevioside Food grade sweetener wholesale

Stevioside Food grade sweetener wholesale

Food grade Stevioside
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Stevia is 300 times as much as sucrose, white crystalline powder, soluble in water, with a slight astringent taste, widely used in the production of food, beverages and seasonings. 

As a new sweetener, stevioside can be widely used in all kinds of food, beverage and daily chemical industry. It can be said that almost all sugar products can be chemically synthesized sweeteners such as stevia instead of part of sucrose or all of saccharin. Thousands of products will be developed, summarized as follows: 


Soda, orange juice, all kinds of fruit juices, ice cream and so on. 

Dim sum: 

Stevia benefit recreation, stevia moon cakes, biscuits, etc., become nutrition, health care, as well as the special needs of children, the elderly food. 


Canned fruit, such as syrup red bayberry, orange, Hawthorn, longan, etc.; aquatic products and canned meat, such as stevioside, not only play a seasoning function, but also play a role in anti-corrosion and prolonging shelf life. 

Pickled products: 

Pickled pickles such as radish and pickled mustard with stevia have a long shelf life, delicious pickled taste and no decay. Aquatic products: the addition of stevioside can prevent the deterioration of aquatic protein, improve the flavor of aquatic products and reduce the cost at the same time. Such as all kinds of canned fish, kelp and so on. Stevioside Food grade sweetener,sweetener supplier,Nigeria sweetener wholesale

Preserved fruit cake: 

Such as: preserved plum fruit after the application of stevioside, not only sweet but also refreshing and delicious. 


Adding stevioside to fruit wines such as Rosa roxburghii, Hippophae rhamnoides, grapes and spirits can reduce the spicy feeling of the wine and improve the flavor. It can also increase the foam, whiteness and durability of beer. 


Adding stevioside to sausage, ham sausage, bacon and other foods can improve the flavor and prolong the shelf life. 

Daily chemical products: 

The addition of stevioside to chewing gum and toothpaste can not only promote the sweetness of the product, but also reduce the proliferation of oral harmful bacteria and reduce the incidence of dental caries. Stevioside has been used in a variety of toothpastes, chewing gum and cosmetics. 


Such as multi-flavor melon seeds, stupid melon seeds, stevia, cigarettes, stevia milk powder and so on.