• Neotame Food grade sweetener wholesale
Neotame Food grade sweetener wholesale

Neotame Food grade sweetener wholesale

Food grade Neotame
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Newsweet, a white crystalline powder containing about 4.5% crystalline water, is a functional sweetener. It has a sweet, sweet Concord, very close to aspartame, without the bitterness and metallic flavor that other powerful sweeteners often bring. The sweetness is 13000 times sweeter than sucrose and 30,000 times sweeter than aspartame. The energy value is almost zero. It can be kept stable under the condition of instantaneous high temperature. In cake production, 85% of Neotame still exists after baking at 450C.  Neotame Food grade sweetener, Nigeria sweetener wholesale

Pure sweetness, fresh and natural, similar to aspartame, but with high safety; 

Food grade sweetener wholesale

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The sweetness is high, which is about 8000 times that of sucrose, and the cost of equal sweetness is lower than that of aspartame. 

The nutrients contained in it are easily absorbed by the human body. 

Low energy or no energy, can be used for human consumption, do not cause dental caries, can promote the proliferation of Bifidobacterium and so on. sweetener supplier

Will not cause tooth decay, blood sugar fluctuations, is a health food sweetener. 

Under acidic conditions, Neotame has roughly the same stability as aspartame. Neotame is much more stable than aspartame in neutral PH range or instantaneous high temperature, which greatly expands its application range, such as in baked food. 

Newsweet has the sweetness, in ordinary or sugar-free beverages, using Neutian instead of some sweeteners can not only get products suitable for sweetness and flavor, but also have the characteristics of reducing product cost. 

The results show that Neotame can replace 25% of nutritious sweeteners or high-power sweeteners in beverage products and maintain similar sensory properties. 

Newsweet has the same pure sweetness as sucrose, but it has a continuous aftertaste. It can only be judged by intuition (the feeling of the tongue). 

1. Application in canned fruit. 

Reduce the overall proportion of syrup, thus reducing the phenomenon of fruit floating, there is no need to add more fruit. In GB2760, sweeteners are allowed to be used in canned products. Neotame shows good stability in the process of heat treatment of canned products. Replace 40% Murray and 50% sucrose to reduce product cost. The shelf life of the product is 24 months. Flavor: sweet orange, red bayberry, loquat, litchi, pineapple, longan. Suggested sweetness multiple: 6500Muth7000.  Neotame Food grade sweetener,  Nigeria sweetener wholesale

2. Application in all kinds of beverages. 

1 carbonated drinks: Neotame can last for 16 weeks in cola carbonated drinks. It is consistent with the shelf life of low-energy carbonated drinks sold on the market. It can also be used in lemonade. 

2 non-carbonated beverages: Neutian can be used in hot-filled lemon tea, solid powder beverages, yogurt and other foods, and the characters are very stable and good quality in these foods. sweetener supplier,

3 solid beverage: partially replace granulated sugar with 30%, and reduce the cost as much as possible without changing the taste of the original whole sugar formula; replace the aspartame in the formula, and the label does not need to be marked with phenylalanine; pre-mixed with powdered sugar or other powder additives in the proportion of 1%: the test shows that the concentrated Newsweet premix can be properly dispersed and adsorbed on the surface of the carrier; In the production of solid drinks, it is very common to premix trace raw materials such as pigments and spices, so the use of Neotame is only a very simple process; at the same time, the premix of pigment and neotame in granulated sugar can be visually observed to ensure full mixing; the mixing time must be fully guaranteed to disperse, but the time must be controlled to reduce the flying of the powder.