• Lactitol Food grade sweetener wholesale
Lactitol Food grade sweetener wholesale

Lactitol Food grade sweetener wholesale

Food grade Lactitol
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Properties: lactol is white crystalline or crystalline powder, or colorless liquid. Odorless, sweet, with a sweetness of 30% to 40% of sucrose and about half of the calories of sucrose (8. 4kJ/g). 

Melting point: lactitol anhydrous 146 ℃, monohydrate 94-97 ℃, dihydrate 70-80 ℃. Hydrate gradually loses moisture when heated above 100 ℃, and intramolecular dehydration occurs above 250 ℃ to form milk caramel. 

Solubility: lactol is very soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. The pH of 10% lactol aqueous solution is 4.5-8.5. The solubility and viscosity of lactitol at room temperature are similar to those of sucrose, and its solubility at low temperature is lower than that of sucrose. In addition, when lactitol dissolves, it not only does not give off heat, but also absorbs heat. 

Stability: lactol has strong stability and can maintain its stability under acid, alkali, light and high temperature conditions. In addition, there is no free plucking group in the molecular structure of lactose intoxication, which is a non-reducing sugar alcohol, and Maillard reaction and enzymatic degradation can not occur. Lactitol Food grade sweetener,sweetener supplier,Nigeria sweetener wholesale

Lactitol is low in calories because its metabolic pathway is different from that of sucrose (lactitol cannot be digested and absorbed in the small intestine, but is fermented by microorganisms in the large intestine and decomposes short-chain fatty acids and other fermentation products, releasing only 50% of the pure calories of ordinary sugars. In this way, lactol can be used alone or mixed with other sweeteners to replace sucrose low calorific value health food. 


The application of lactitol, instead of sucrose. Products with this sweetener can be used as low-calorie, sugar-free, caries-free products, and lactitol can be used in a variety of confectionery production, such as chocolate, hard candy, caramel, fudge and chewing gum, as well as ice cream and baked goods. All of these products demonstrate the versatility of lactol as a bulk sweetener.