• Alitian Food grade sweetener wholesale
Alitian Food grade sweetener wholesale

Alitian Food grade sweetener wholesale

Food grade Alitian
CAS: 80863-62-3
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Product name: Alitian. 

The chemical name of Alitian (Alitame) is L-a one-day aspartic acid-N-one (2-pyrrolidine-4-tetramethyl-3-trimethylene sulfide)-D-propylaminophthalamide, also known as celestial amine sweetener. It was successfully developed by Pfizer in 1979 and its sweetness is 2000 times that of sucrose. Aili sweet and refreshing, heat-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, with superior storage and processing stability, can be widely used in the food industry. It was approved for use in China in 1994 and is often used in beverages, jellies, cold drinks, table sweeteners and so on. Its disadvantage is that it has a slightly sulfur smell because of the sulfur atoms in the molecular structure. 

Alitian is a dipeptide sweetener with a sweetness of more than 2000 times that of sucrose, and is very stable under acid and heat conditions. at room temperature, the PH value of 5% aqueous solution is 5 years, the PH value of 5% aqueous solution is 5.6, there is no aftertaste bitterness and metal alkali, astringency, and the taste is close to sucrose, and the sweetness is fast, long-lasting and safe. Some of the drinks with Alitian will appear some incompatibility after being stored for a long time, and sensory analysis shows that they have obvious sulfur taste. 

At present, Alitian has not been approved by FDA, only China, Australia and Mexico and other 6 countries approved the use, I passed the Ministry of Health has approved the use in 1994. The ADI value determined by JECFA in 1996 is 1mg / kg.