What do you know about the ingredients of perfume

What do you know about the ingredients of perfume? 

Guangzhou Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd.-FlavourSoGood to show you. The types of raw materials can be divided into three categories, one is plant retention, such as Peruvian gum, frankincense, benzoin, no, iris oil, etc. The second is animal retention, such as musk and other four animal tinctures; The third type is synthetic (artificial) retention agents: for example, vanillin, ketone musk, etc. Retention agents are usually some spices, not only can not damage the main fragrance of the perfume or the overall fragrance of the perfume, but also mix them, stable, in order to emit aroma. Sometimes a very weak or odorless aroma is needed to sustain a sufficient and elegant aroma. The quality of the retention agent is very important to the quality of perfume. 

What do you know about the ingredients of perfume

In the facial cleanser, toner, mask and other products are added to the essence, so do not add essence? Follow the essence company-FlavourSoGood to find out. Add essence, one is because it covers up the smell of raw materials, and the other is to add fragrance to the product, which plays a role of psychological implication, which also makes many people think that all scented products are added with essence. But in fact, some do not add flavor is also fragrant. For example, a jasmine cream product, even if it does not add flavor, but because the raw materials add jasmine ingredients or its own jasmine smell, it also has this flavor. The same is true in other products, as long as the raw materials in the product have a certain pleasant aroma, it is possible not to add essence, but such products tend to be less.



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