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The difference of Chanel Flavor Perfume

The difference of Chanel Flavor Perfume. 

There is a certain difference between Chanel essence and perfume. First of all, their concentration is different. In addition, the time they stay fragrant is also different. In general, the fragrance of Chanel essence can last for about 5 to 7 hours. It is more suitable for banquets and some formal occasions, and perfume is also called light essence, its concentration is relatively low, so the duration is shorter, let's take a look at the difference between them. 

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The difference of Chanel Flavor Perfume

The concentration is different, so stay incense time is not the same, usually use perfume, essence in banquets, parties, because the concentration is very high, so the price of essence is not cheap, some 10 millennia nearly a thousand yuan, so 7.5 is also in the hundreds or so. 


The difference of Chanel Flavor Perfume. 

The concentration of: (Parfum) is 15 to 25%, and the aroma lasts for 5 to 7 hours. It is suitable for going out at night, or for banquets and formal occasions. 

Perfume, also known as light flavor: (eau de Parfum) concentration of 10 to 15%, aroma lasts about 5 hours, suitable for daytime banquets or go out to use. 

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The concentration of: (eau de Toilette) in light perfume is 5 to 10%, and the aroma lasts about 3 to 4 hours. It is suitable for work and daily use. 

Cologne: (edu de Cologne) concentration is 3 to 5%, aroma lasts for 1 to 2 hours, generally used after bathing or before exercise. 

Not only Chanel perfume, but also perfume, each bottle of perfume is divided into essence (Parfum), perfume (Eau de Parfum referred to as E.D.P), light perfume (Eau de. 

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What's the difference between Toilette (E.D.T) or cologne (Eau de Cologne),? In fact, it is because of the different rate of fragrance. That is, the index of the concentration of spices in each perfume is different, and the concentration of different spices makes the duration of the fragrance different, so when you understand the difference between essence and perfume, light perfume, etc., You can choose and buy according to the aroma you like, and you can know when to make up for perfume. 

Principles for the use of perfumes. 

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Where the body temperature is high, the effect of wearing perfume is better. Basically, the temperature on the inside of the body is higher than that on the outside; in addition, the aroma rises, and the lower body has a better effect than the upper body. 

Do not wear perfume where the sun shines, as alcohol leaves spots on the skin under exposure to the sun, and ultraviolet rays can also cause chemical reactions of the organic components in the perfume, causing skin allergies. 

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The difference of Chanel Flavor Perfume

Perfume can be sprayed on clean, freshly washed hair. If there is dirt or grease in your hair, it will spoil the perfume. At the same time, it can not be sprayed on dry and fragile hair to avoid causing damage to the quality of the hair. 

Perfume is an organic component, easy to gold, silver pearl reaction to fade, damage, so perfume can not be directly sprayed on the ornaments, you can first wear perfume and then wear jewelry. 

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Cotton, silk is easy to leave traces, do not spray on the fur, not only damage the fur, the color will also change. 

Perfume sprayed on wool, nylon clothing material is not easy to leave spots. However, the fragrance left on the pure wool material will be more difficult to dissipate.



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