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Nigeria household chemical fragrance supplier

Household chemical fragrance refers to the fragrance used for household necessities such as perfume, cosmetics, washing products, etc., according to the aroma theme of the fragrance, it can distinguish all kinds of main fragrance types and tones.

Nigeria household chemical fragrance supplier

Nigeria household chemical fragrance supplier

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Used for perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and industrial products. Mainly used in perfume, cologne, toilet water, beauty cosmetics, skin care cosmetics, soaps, bath agents, detergents, hair cosmetics, aromatherapy agents, indoor fragrances, deodorants, pesticides, as well as rubber, plastics, coatings, fibers, printing inks and other industrial products.

There are thousands of spices that can be used as raw materials for household chemical flavors. According to the nature, the aroma of all kinds of spices can be summarized as follows: cool fragrance, leaf fragrance, citrus fragrance, fruit, flower, spice, grass, resin, paste, wood, soil, moss, animal, leather, aldehyde and so on. household chemical fragrance as a mixture, its overall aroma can be easily distinguished from the theme. According to the aroma theme of the fragrance, all kinds of main aroma types can be distinguished.

1 Flower fragrance type: the fragrance type which takes the fragrance of natural flowers as the simulation object. It has a single flower fragrance of a single variety of flowers that can be easily identified, such as gardenia, lily of the valley and lilac; it also uses fantasy aroma to blend into the variety of flower fragrance and the flower fragrance with a variety of flower fragrance. In the late 1970s, a variety of white flowers with mixed aroma was also popular, which was often made up of white flowers such as lily of the valley, jasmine, magnolia and evening jade. Flower fragrance is the most basic flavor of household chemical fragrance. Flower aroma is also the most important rhyme (fragrance) in the blending of many kinds of aroma types. The common fragrances of fragrance blending are rose, lily, jasmine, lilac, hyacinth, carnation, gardenia, violet, daffodil and evening jade.

2 aldehyde fragrance type: a traditional fragrance type. The typical aroma is characterized by the presence of trace amounts in natural substances, and its own smell is very sharp. Aldehydes to coordinate flower aromas can produce strange and even unexpected fragrance effects; aldehyde aroma can also blend light fresh essential oils such as lemon oil, sweet orange oil, orange oil and white lemon oil to achieve a unique rhyme.

(3) fragrance type: it belongs to a relatively new popular fragrance type. A fragrance characterized by fresh leaves or the scent of branches that have just been broken. This kind of fragrance is reminiscent of the unique freshness of forests and grasslands. Fragrant spices such as phenylacetaldehyde, puffon oil, cis-3-hexenol and violet leaf oil are often used.

4 Magnolia fragrance: an important and distinctive fantasy aroma. The fragrance of rose and jasmine is blended by the mild and lasting fragrance of moss, and it is coordinated by wood, animal, citrus and other ingredients. This type of fragrance has a long-lasting fragrance and has a wide range of applications. In addition, with oak moss, cat scent, rose, jasmine, saliva, lemon, sweet orange and ketone musk as the matrix, mixed with fruit, fragrance, aldehyde or leather flavor, a variety of novel and wonderful household chemical flavors of vegetarian orchid are prepared.

Oriental type: a strong and sweet fragrance originated in Arabian Peninsula. From moss, wood, spice combined with vanilla and plaster sweetness, mixed with amber, cat and musk flavor, and then coupled with rose, jasmine flowers to form a powder-like sweet flavor. In addition, there are valuable wood incense as the main body, highlight the beautiful fragrance of flowers, and then use fragrance to modify the semi-oriental fragrance, such as the famous opium perfume belongs to this type of fragrance.

6 Tobacco aroma-leather aroma: mild leather-like, tobacco-like fragrance is the characteristic aroma of the flavor as a whole. Commonly used spices are isobutylquinoline, beaver ointment, birch tar and so on.

7 Fuqi fragrance: a classic non-floral fragrance. It has obvious aromas of black beans and moss, with lush vegetation. Lavender oil, coumarin and other spices are widely used in flavor formulations, so that the overall flavor of fragrant flavor can often show the characteristics of field flavor and wood flavor.

The choice of fragrance type is greatly influenced by the aroma of famous perfumes in the market. The evolution of perfume types is closely related to consumption requirements, fashion and so on. The emergence of some new spices can make the fragrance of perfume more distinctive and attractive. For example, the fragrance type of cream skin care products tends to the fragrance type of perfume, or the elegant flower fragrance, citrus cologne and three flower fragrance are selected; the fragrance of soap is dominated by floral fragrance, and the fragrance of soap is also changed from the original strong fragrance, sandalwood fragrance to fragrance, there are modern vegetarian orchid fragrance and modern hundred flower fragrance characterized by aldehyde fragrance; the fragrance types of powder cosmetics are Suxin orchid, amber, hundred flowers and oriental fragrance. Hair cosmetics are commonly used in lavender type, fragrant type, spicy type and plain orchid type; lipstick is mainly fruity aroma, or choose rose, orange flower fragrance, but also use oriental flavor.

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