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How to distinguish perfume grades

Do you know how to distinguish perfume grades? 


Perfume is generally a more common synonym, there is a careful division, a variety of perfumes are different. 

If the proportion between alcohol and spices is different, there will be a relative difference in aroma performance, which is called "fragrance rate". When the flavor rate is higher, that is, the lower the alcohol concentration, the higher the flavor ratio. Perfume will also stay incense for a long time, generally divided into four levels. 

Do you know how to distinguish perfume grades? 



Grade: essence. 

Abbreviation: P. 

Concentration: 15% to 30%. 

Duration: 5 to 7 hours. 

Features: the fragrance rate is the highest, the duration is long, generally with the bottle mouth design, a small amount of use in the wrist and neck, can have a very long-lasting performance. 

Do you know how to distinguish perfume grades? 

Light essence. 

Grade: light essence. 

Abbreviation: EDP. 

Concentration: 10% to 15%. 

Duration: about 5 hours. 


Features: the durability of light essence will be better than light perfume, if your work or activity environment does not allow you to replenish incense often, light fragrance will be your best choice. 

Do you know how to distinguish perfume grades? 

Light perfume. 

Grade: light perfume. 

Abbreviation: EDT. 

Concentration: 5% to 10%. 

Duration: 3 to 4 hours. 

Features: the alcohol proportion of light perfume is high, easy to volatilize, usually after early morning use, in the noon rest time can replenish incense, the slight breath can last into the afternoon, suitable for people who like refreshing. 

Do you know how to distinguish perfume grades? 



Grade: cologne. 

Abbreviation: EDC. 

Concentration: 3 to 5%. 

Duration: 1 to 2 hours. 

Features: cologne is mostly fresh citrus, suitable for use after exercise, after taking a bath, or when you want to change your mood and restore your spirit.



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