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How to DIV perfume by perfume essential oils

Do you like perfume? Have you considered the safety of perfumes and other aromatics? Studies have shown that it takes at least 5000 chemicals to make aromatics, but it doesn't matter. as long as you have perfume essential oils, you can easily DIY perfume

Perfume essence

Tools / ingredients: essential oils, vodka, mineral water, small bottles, aseptic bottles, coffee filter paper. 

Methods / steps: 

1. Add 15% to 30% essential oil and 70% to 85% vodka to the small bottle. stir gently to mix well. then place the bottle in a dark place and wait for 48 hours. 

2. Add 5% mineral water to the bottle, stir evenly, and then place for 24 hours. 

3. Use coffee filter paper to pour the liquid into a sterilized dark sterile bottle to keep the perfume longer.

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