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Common ingredients of perfume

Although they sometimes contain chemicals or aromatic ingredients, the most common ingredients in perfumes are essential oils, ethanol and water. Water and ethanol are specifically used to reduce the strength of essential oils, which are responsible for aroma in perfumes. Although many studies claim that man-made chemicals affect health, in addition to natural aromatics, many products still use artificial ingredients. Therefore, if you are worried about the health hazards caused by chemical components, it is best to choose all-natural perfumes.  Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils is a liquid that contains plant extract. Plant essence is a volatile substance containing aroma, so it is also a kind of volatile oil. Essential oils need to be extracted through a series of evaporation and condensation processes and then collected by distillation. The concentration of essential oil is usually adjusted with a mixture of ethanol and water, also known as dilution. 

Fragrance Oils


Ethanol is a colorless chemical produced by chemical decomposition or fermentation of plant starch, so it is as volatile as other alcohol. This property gives the perfume a cool feeling to the skin and diffuses the fragrance in the air. However, experts advise people to use ethanol with caution because accidental inhalation can lead to fatigue, incoordination of movements, and visual and nasal problems. But many perfume brands contain ethanol, which is why many people choose homemade perfumes without ethanol. 


The water used to produce perfume is not ordinary water obtained directly from faucets, but distilled water. This is because tap water contains impurities such as copper and lead, which can affect other perfumes. Distillation is a purification process, which means that the distilled water obtained does not contain any foreign matter, so the quality of the perfume will not be affected by impurities. 

Aromatic ingredients are additives that help perfumes produce more pleasant smells. However, there are certain risks to the use of these compounds. Some chemicals can cause allergic reactions and birth defects, which is why many experts advise pregnant women to stop or restrict the use of perfume. Inhaling these perfumes can cause discomfort such as asthma, headaches and mood changes. Fragrance Oils



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