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Burberry Touch Sokoto Fragrance oil vendor

Brand: Burberry. 

Fragrant notes: woody floral notes. 

Top notes: Artemisia Violet leaves and oranges. 

Middle note: nutmeg, pepper and cedar. 

Back note: Lingling vanilla bean Gyabgon grass musk. 

Attribute: male incense. 

Perfumer: Jean-Pierre Bethouart. 

Label: fresh, spicy, aquatic, musk, wood, rich in water.

Sokoto Fragrance oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

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【knowledge of perfume】

The woody floral notes have a woody tone. 

Representative: Chanel No.19,Safari by Ralph Lauren, White Linen by Estee Lauder,Incanto by Ferregamo (dream come true), White She by Emporio Armani. 

Sweet flower and fruit notes. 

Stands for: Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden,Dolly Girl (doll), Sui Dreams (sweet dream), Sui Love (butterfly. 

Love) by Anna Sui,Miracle by Lancome (, true love miracle), Connexion by Lancome (). 

Elegant floral notes. 

On behalf of: Irresistible by Givenchy (charm), Pleasure by Estee Lauder (Huanqin), J'adore by Christian Dior (true love), Flower by Kenzo (a flower), Romance by Ralph Lauren (romance), Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo

Sokoto Fragrance oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

Contact: +8615018706725(Ben)

Nigeria Lagos Perfume oil supplier, we supplier perfume oil wholesale as below:Chanel Coco Noir, 2012 Fragrance ;Boucheron, 1988;Davidoff Echo Woman, 2004;Lacoste Love of Pink, 2009;Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme, 2013;Amouage Epic Woman, 2009;Aramis 900, 1973;Avon Far Away, 1994;Britney Spears Fantasy, 2005;Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Toniq, 2011;Bvlgari Extreme Fragrance (high concentrate);Calvin Klein Beauty, 2010;Chanel Bleu de Chanel, 2010;Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, 2007;Creed Imperial Millesime Fragrance;Davidoff Echo, 2003;Dior Homme Sport, 2012;

Burberry Touch Sokoto Fragrance oil vendor Sokoto Fragrance oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil



Contact: Ben

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