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Beyonce Rise Sokoto Perfume oil wholesale

Brand: Beyonce. 

Fragrant notes: floral notes. 

Top notes: lemon apricot basil. 

Middle note: orchid jasmine freesia. 

After notes: cashmere, thyme, Gyabgon grass, wood. 

Attribute: female incense. 

Perfumer: Loc Dong. 

Label: Wood, musk, fresh, spicy, white flower and fruit

Sokoto Perfume oil wholesale, Nigeria Perfume oil

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【knowledge of perfume】

Foggy perfumes can be felt immediately and completely, while ordinary perfumes can only be spread out gradually according to the heat of the body. 

Natural spray shows that vials with sprinklers can not maintain an absolutely accurate dosage, and the sprinklers pump out the spray from the nozzles without ensuring the size of the aerosol molecules. 

This method has a longer shelf life than a small bottle of perfume without a shower head, and the aroma unfolds for a shorter time. 

Finally, may we have no perfume that has been preserved for a long time. 

Use your perfume often! 

Refrigerator-We've talked about better places to keep perfumes, but we have better places to keep perfumes: our skin!

Sokoto Perfume oil wholesale, Nigeria Perfume oil

Contact: +8615018706725(Ben)

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