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Brand: Bakara. 

Fragrant notes: wooden oriental notes. 

Top note: blood orange citrus. 

Middle note: Sidi warbler, lavender, saffron. 

Back note: ambergris oak moss woody fragrant oak. 

Attribute: female incense. 

Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian. 

Label: woody citrus full-bodied amber fresh and spicy

Katsina Fragrance oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

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【knowledge of perfume】

The hotter the room, the more sunlight, the less perfume left in the bottle, the faster the perfume will deteriorate. 

Keep the perfume in a refrigerator and dark environment or in an opaque box in a well-ventilated environment for half a year or more. 

In a fairly hot environment, perfume may deteriorate within weeks or days. 

And the right place to keep the perfume is the refrigerator. 

In the case of falling into sundries or oxidizing with the air, the perfume will go bad. 

The deterioration of perfume lies in the thickening of perfume and the change of color or smell. 

Katsina Fragrance oil vendor, Nigeria Perfume oil

Contact: +8615018706725(Ben)

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