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Sweet flavour catalog download

We have sweet flavours for beverage, baking, candy and ice cream. And we also have savory flavour and seasoning powder. 

Attachment is our sweet flavours catalogue, you can take a look at it. In fact, our company has more than 3000 kinds of food flavors, and only a small number of them are included in this catalogue. But you can found almost all taste we have in the catalogue.

If you are looking for flavour, you can send me email ( ) or add my whatsapp ( +8615018706725 ) , tell me about the flavour you are looking for, I will recommend you the right one.

Note: This is a PDF document of sweet flavour catalog, you can download and check it.

If you want sample please contact us.




Contact: Ben

Phone: +86-15018706725 (Wechat & Whatsapp)


Add: East Dongfeng Road, North of Baiyun Ave, 510440, Guangzhou